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reCAPTCHA and nms FormMail - sample perl script

David has recently been in touch regarding problems he has had with problems he is experiencing with integrating reCapatcha and nms FormMail.

As part of the debugging process it is useful to compare with a working copy of the script. Before using the script on your own site it is necessary to change the following entries to contain values suitable for your own site:

$postmaster = 'postmaster email address';
@referers = qw(sites referring to this formmail);
@allow_mail_to = qw(email address to send to);
%recipient_alias = ('destn' => 'email address to send to',);
privatekey => 'place your key here',


  1. Link to working copy of the script throws forbidden error. Too bad my script isn't working it's accepting any word in the reCaptcha field and I needed to see a comparison to what i did.

    - Written on 9th July 2013 by Finn
  2. Apologies for that Finn. A recent change of webhosts meant the original filename was forbidden. After renaming to something more acceptable the file is once again available.

    - Written on 9th July 2013 by Ross

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