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EU Cookie Directive Plugin for FlatPress

To comply with the e-Privacy directive it is necessary for sites to obtain consent prior to delivering cookies.

There are many scripts available to present site visitors with a prompt prior to cookie delivery.

The cPrompt plugin wrappers the cPrompt script. Simply install into Flatpress and enable the Plugin.

Once the plugin is installed the cPrompt object can be used to enable / disable cookie related functionality within the site.

Full instructions on the use of cPrompt library can be found on the cPrompt site. Using these instructions the GoogleSearchBox plugin can be made compliant with the directve with the following change to plugin.googlesearchbox.php:


if (typeof(cPrompt) == "undefined"
|| cPrompt.checkCookie() == 1
|| cPrompt.checkCookie() == 2) {



  1. I tried the plugin but nothing happens ...

    - Written on 27th March 2016 by Luca Billeri
  2. What issues are you experiencing with the plugin?

    Have you followed the usage instructions found at https://github.com/michaelw90/cPrompt?

    - Written on 27th March 2016 by Ross
  3. Hi,

    I wanted to make you aware that the ICO page you link to in your cookies page seems to be broken. This is the page that I found it on http://www.ramblingross.co.uk/2012/06/27/eu-cookie-directive-plugin/

    The whole of the ICO website seems to have been taken offline but here is the specific ICO page that you're pointing people to http://www.ico.gov.uk/for_organisations/privacy_and_electronic_communications/the_guide/cookies.aspx. It might be an idea to make an update so that your site visitors can find more information on cookies and how you use them.

    We have a guide on cookie legislation compliance - http://comparitech.net/cookie-legislation, which could be a good alternative to send people to if you are able to make the update to your cookie policy.

    I hope that helps.


    - Written on 16th March 2017 by Joel
  4. Many thanks Joel, links have been updated to point to the new home of the ICO

    - Written on 31st March 2017 by Ross

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