With the move away from Flatpress as a blogging engine the issue of support for user comments arises.

Several avenues present themselves:

  • Develop my own commenting system
  • Integrate an existing self hosted commenting system
  • Utilise one of the on-line systems that are available

Developing my own commenting system could be a lot of work... so lets discount that for now!

There are several self hosted commenting systems available. A lot of the scripts do no provide support for "moderation" - an important feature in the fight against spam. Those that do seem to all require database support of some form. So this option also appears to be out of consideration for now.

Of the available 3rd party commenting systems, it makes sense to go with what appears to be the market leader - especially after the collapse of several providers. Hence the decision to go with Disqus.

Now all that is required is to migrate the existing comments...

 September 20, 2015


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