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Dell XPS M1530 - Bluetooth 355 and Windows 7

I have recently been trying to get a bh200 head set working with a new installation of Windows 7 on an old XPS M1530.

After trying various Widcomm drivers without success I stumbled on a post on the Dell support forums which seems to solve the problem with the following steps:

1.You need to force Windows 7 to detect the bluetooth module, so download the Dell patch: R159805

2.At this time, the bluetooth module should be detected and installed by Windows 7

3.Go to Dell support and download the latest driver for the bluetooth module (for Dell XPS 1530): R140135

4.Install the driver. It will update the module's firmware


  1. Thanks man, saved my day with the bluetooth patch.

    - Written on 16th November 2013 by Bogdan
  2. Thanks for that. I just got a wireless speaker as I'm fedup with using the headphone jack and breaking cables....Couldn't find the bluetooth anywhere.

    Now if only I could sort out the charging problem.



    - Written on 28th November 2013 by Rich

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