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Documenting a Thunderbird fix found a few months after Windows 10 was first launched.

As that time Thunderbird was performing very poorly with frequent lock-ups.

After much googling it appeared the Windows Search indexer was at fault, by turning off the option Tools|Options|Advanced|General|Syst...

Since late 2016 the installation of Stacey 3.0.0 utilised by this site has been ailing.

As more pages were added performance degraded. Once one hundred pages were reached things became intolerable.

A change of web host in May presented a way out. They supported newer versions of PHP allowing o...

The gsys.biz domain has had an SPF record in place for several years. Previously its MX records were set-up to rely on email forwarding by the domain registrar. Unfortunately the registrar in use does not support SRS so all emails received are marked as failing SPF checks.

Recently the number of "...