7261-249 Course Materials

A collection of course notes as used to teach students the City and Guilds course Coding and Programming in C++ Language III (7261-249).

  • Introduction to City and Guilds course 7261-249

    Introduction to the City and Guilds Coding and Programming in C++ Language III (7261-249)
  • Program Development

    An introduction to OOP and how it is represented in C++ source files
  • Functions

    Writing functions in c++ - overloading, in lining, prototypes and default values
  • Classes

    Writing classes in c++ - constructors, destructors, members and scope resolution
  • Storage

    Memory storage and manipulation in C++ (pointers, memory allocation routines, etc.)
  • Data types and scope

    A discussion on C++ data types, the scoping of variables, validating data and use of arrays
  • File manipulation

    Handling files with C++ using stream operators
  • Exercises

    Programming exercises to test your understanding of C++, sorry but worked answers are only available for question six
  • Sample Solution

    Possible solution to exercise 6 - data storage for a publication company.