Sample practical assignment to be completed in C++


To enable students to:

  1. become familiar with practical assignments

  2. know what is expected to pass an assignment

Become familiar with practical assignments

In order to pass the City and Guilds C++ programming course (7261-229) students must pass one multiple choice paper and three practical assignments.

Sample multiple choice questions have been met in the handouts provided throughout this course. To pass the written examination 21 out of 30 questions must be passed within one hour.

Each practical assignments will be presented as a series of points describing the expected operation of the final program.

As an example...

  1. This assignment must be completed within two hours.

You are required to create a program that will display any multiplication table selected by a user.

  1. Your program must have comments to facilitate readability and be correctly structured.

  2. When the program is executed a message must be displayed requesting the user to enter the table they require.

  3. When the user enters a number it must be validated to check it is an integer value between 1 and 12.

  4. The screen must be cleared and the appropriate table displayed to a depth of twelve lines, for example if the table requested was 2, then lines from 2 * 1 to 2 * 12 must be shown.

Know what is expected to pass an assignment

Candidates must meet as many of the requirements as they can. Each of the points represents an item against which the program will be marked,

In order to pass a practical assignment it is necessary to for the program to meet most of the points laid out in the problem specification. Some will be mandatory, while others are optional.

In the sample question above points 3 and 5 are mandatory, while 2 and 4 are optional. For a program to pass this sample assessment it must implement both points 3 and 5 together with at least one of points 2 or 4 (preferably both).