Manufacturer and retailer of luxury mobile telephones.


The design, development and support of a web service and associated ASP.NET web sites that record phone manufacture and customer registration whilst sending relevant information to third party service suppliers.


Designed and developed a web site using C# and ASP.NET (with Ajax extensions) that would allow customers to register their purchase of mobile phones. By registering, customers can access services included with their phone purchase - initially Concierge and Fortress (a secure phone contacts backup mechanism). To subscribe customers to these services it was necessary to communicate with the Concierge and SMS data provisioning service via SOAP based web services, whilst SyncML was used to furnish Fortress with user details. As part of the registration process it was necessary to validate the identity of the phone being registered - to this end a database of all phones produced to date was generated and updated via a SOAP web service called from the production line systems.

To allow the correction of erroneous user and production data a web site was developed, again in C# and ASP.NET with Ajax extensions, that allowed support staff to correct mistakes in the systems database and where appropriate update the third party systems.

After initial delivery it was decided to use a web agency to enhance the customer facing web pages. To support this a web service was developed that wrapped the registration process allowing the agency to populate it with new customers. As part of this process the support site was updated to communicate with the underlying database using the newly developed web service.

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