Telephone voice recording, data security, and surveillance systems.


The development and support of a .NET based system used to capture and organise audio and video recordings made by public safety operations - such as the police, air traffic control, etc.


The system was built around a traditional client / server architecture. The server was responsible for querying various recording devices and presenting this information to the client machines. These clients would then present this information in a time-line to end users, allowing developing situations to be tagged and exported for later use - for example in courts of law.

To improver performance the server was modified to generate a cache of information that was likely to be required when it first started. Further enhancements were achieved by modifying the underlying database, with particular reference to the anti-tampering mechanisms it employed.

In response to customer demands the remoting mechanism used to communicate between clients and server was extended to support IPv6 whilst allowing simultaneous IPv4 communication with the recording devices.

Various bug fixes were identified and implemented.

Further details on the project