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The pictures in this post are to allow the Rowlinson Garden Products team to view the damage to a Haven Arbour roof in relation to a warranty claim.

Central roof rafter

Gaps in roof panel 1

Gaps in roof panel 2

Gaps in roof panel 3

There is also a short video clip available of the cracked central roof rafter.

Video of central roof rafter

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The Grav codebase currently supports inlining of javascript via the addInlineJs method. A useful feature, but one that presents a problem when generating a suitably secure content security policy for your website - namely the avoidance of 'unsafe-inline'.

It would be great if this method coul...

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Documenting a Thunderbird fix found a few months after Windows 10 was first launched.

As that time Thunderbird was performing very poorly with frequent lock-ups.

After much googling it appeared the Windows Search indexer was at fault, by turning off the option Tools|Options|Advanced|General|Syst...

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