Out of the box FlatPress provides captcha protection to comments via Accessible Antispam.

In an effort to give something back to the community and hopefully help with the digitization of books I have developed reCaptcha for FlatPress.

To use the plugin follow these steps.

  • Register with reCAPTCHA to obtain the public and private keys required for the service
  • Download reCaptcha for FlatPress
  • Extract the contents of reCaptcha for Flatpress to a suitable folder (e.g. recaptcha) under fp-plugins
  • In the Administration area enable the reCaptcha for FlatPress plugin
  • Go the the reCaptcha configuration screen and enter the public and private keys obtained earlier.
  • Finally, if you have Accessible Antispam enabled then disable it

Version 1.1 of the plugin now makes the four standard reCAPTCHA themes and eight languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish) available. In addition, support for Italian has been added to the plugin using this mechanism (with thanks to Roberto Rossi).

 August 11, 2010



  • What am I doing wrong?

    I downloaded the plug in to /fp-plugins/recaptcha. It does not show up in my plugin control panel?
    Written on November 14, 2010 by Alan P
  • Figured it out. Easy as pie when you are in the right directory.
    Written on November 15, 2010 by Alan P
  • Great to hear that Alan.

    Sorry I did not respond before you sorted it!
    Written on November 15, 2010 by Ross
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the great plugin! Works instantly.

    I created a german language file (only frontend messages for now). If i'm done translating it complete i'll send it to you. At the moment i'm busy and it was only important to me to have german frontend messages :-)
    Written on January 16, 2011 by Daniel
  • Hi Daniel,

    Glad to hear to plugin worked for you. It would be really great if you can provide a German translation - even front end only would be good.
    Written on January 16, 2011 by Ross
  • great work, thanks a lot.
    Written on June 8, 2012 by Simon
  • perfect work on a client website, thank you
    Written on September 30, 2012 by sentimancho
  • Hiya! Where did you get layout of this website? It is incredible :D
    Written on April 1, 2013 by Elena
  • The theme is based on the leggero theme shipped with FlatPress.

    See the blog entry www.gsys.biz/blog/flatpress-theme-used-on-ramblingross for further details.
    Written on May 13, 2013 by Ross
  • really east to use flatpress and it is usefull
    Written on August 1, 2013 by bursa kuruigneleme

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