Posts for February 2012

Flatpress Comment Center by default runs at a priority of 5.

This level causes problems when integrating with other comment filters, such as Akismet, QuickSpamFilter, reCapctha, etc. The other filters can flag a comment as unacceptable, yet the Flatpress Comment Center will happily store it. Consequently I have reduced its priority to 15 on my installation, allowing other filters a chance to do their job.

    Version 1.1 of the reCaptcha for FlatPress plugin is now available.

    The changes have been inspired by the work of Roberto Rossi and in response to the Flatpress Comment Center plugin.

    Flatpress Comment Center runs at a priority of 5, whilst the original reCaptcha for FlatPress plugin ran at 10. This meant that even if the captcha entry failed the comment would be accepted by Flatpress Comment Center. Version 1.1 raises the priority of reCaptcha fro FlatPress to 4, thus allowing a failed captcha to stop comments from being logged.

    The plugin will no longer attempt captcha verification if previous filters, such as Akismet, have marked the comment as invalid.

    The four standard reCAPTCHA themes and eight supported languages are now available.

    Additional languages or changes to the text displayed by the reCAPTCHA can be made via the language file of the plugin. See comments in the lang\lang.en-us.php file for further details.

      Whilst recently setting up a new PC from scratch it was necessary to set up the search providers for the various browsers installed on the machine. What a nightmare! After a few abortive attempts to find UK focused providers the following site was found.... The Mycroft Project. What a wonderful resource... a one stop shop for your search provider needs!