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David has recently been in touch regarding problems he has had with problems he is experiencing with integrating reCapatcha and nms FormMail.

As part of the debugging process it is useful to compare with a working copy of the script. Before using the script on your own site it is necessary to change the following entries to contain values suitable for your own site:

$postmaster        = 'postmaster email address';
@referers          = qw(sites referring to this formmail);
@allow_mail_to     = qw(email address to send to);
%recipient_alias   = ('destn'  => 'email address to send to',);
privatekey => 'place your key here', 

    To comply with the e-Privacy directive it is necessary for sites to obtain consent prior to delivering cookies.

    There are many scripts available to present site visitors with a prompt prior to cookie delivery.

    The cPrompt plugin wrappers the cPrompt script. Simply install into Flatpress and enable the Plugin.

    Once installed the cPrompt object can be used to enable / disable cookie related functionality within the site.

    Full instructions on the use of cPrompt library can be found on Michael Wright's site. Using these instructions the GoogleSearchBox plugin can be made compliant with the directve with the following change to plugin.googlesearchbox.php:

        if (typeof(cPrompt) == "undefined"  
            &#124;&#124; cPrompt.checkCookie() == 1 
            &#124;&#124; cPrompt.checkCookie() == 2) {